About Us:

Welcome to Diamond In The Rough (DITR), an award winning, faith-based, non-denominational, youth development and leadership program dedicated to "Transforming the world . . . One child, one family, one community at a time". DITR offers a variety of preventative programs and enrichment activities designed to build self-esteem, character, and leadership among girls of all ages.

Our mission is to provide preparation, inspiration, nurturing and knowledge to girls ages 4-18 through group mentoring, leadership training, career coaching and family enrichment activities. We invite you to view our web site for details on how you can become involved with our awesome, life changing youth program. Diamond In The Rough Youth Development Program Inc, is a 501(c) 3 organization.​​

Meet Our Team

As I think back to my adolescent years, growing up in a single parent home, I can only thank God for the strong, confident, caring individuals placed in my life, who supported me and held me to higher standard.

I, like many young girls today, was insecure, impressionable and unclear of my true worth and value, resulting in many poor choices along the path of life. However, it was through the guidance, support and prayers of others, that I came to realize that I was a precious, priceless Diamond In The Rough, created by God for a specific purpose.

Now as an adult, I feel an obligation and have committed my life to helping empower the next generation of young girls as they transition from adolescence to womanhood. It is my belief that despite the challenges that young girls face today, when they have a true understanding of their value and tap into their full potential, they can overcome any odds, and become the bright, beautiful GEMS God created them to be.

It is my prayer, that God will continue to use me and the fabulous members of our team, to touch the lives of young girls all over the earth and to truly transform the world...one child, one family, one community at a time.